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"Having the ability for flexibility"

Chris Liddy
​​​​​​​Regional Sales Manager

Chris Liddy has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 15 years, ten of them with Jazz. Chris’s curious, optimistic nature has led him to an organic approach to his career development with Jazz, all by harboring thoughts of success in whatever role he takes on.
A few words from Chris’ Mentor/Area Business Director, Philip Thrower:
Q:  You clearly played a role in Chris’s growth at Jazz. What are the qualities in him/her that stood out to set him on that path toward career growth? 
A:  As someone who has worked with Chris as his manager when he was an SSC and watched him take on new challenges in training, marketing and on to RSM, I will say he has given his BEST in each role and that led to his success.
Q: How long have you been with Jazz Pharmaceuticals? What was your initial role? What is your current position?
A:  I joined Jazz in October2007 as a Specialty Sales Consultant (SSC) in Louisiana. I was hired to sell Xyrem® and Luvox CR®. I’ve held a couple of different positions between then and now: I worked as an SSC for three and half years, moved on to Field Training Specialist where I remained for 18 months, then on to Product Manager for Xyrem for almost three years. My current role is that of Regional Sales Manager for the Atlanta region.
Q:  What do you like best about your current job? Why?
A: The impact on patients’ lives through our treatment options is tremendous. I love my team. They are passionate about helping patients but they go about things in individual ways. As a manager, I try to think from their perspective and recognize the skill and talents that they bring to the team. In addition, what I’ve learned is how United States Sleep affects the rest of the world, particularly Xyrem in Europe and soon JZP110. As for the "why?", I remain "curious" with questions in this role and I certainly don’t want to cut that short.
Q:What does career development mean to you?
A:  My career development has had a more natural flow, organic feel, if you will. It’s been more about being curious and asking the question: "How do my skills connect to the larger organization?"  I’m an optimist, I love what I do. I’m always trying to make the best of any situation. It’s easy to miss an opportunity when you focus too hard on just one destination. My focus has been what is ’near in sight,’ not ‘end in sight'.
Q:  How has your role/position developed since you first joined the company?
A:  My journey with Jazz has taken different pathways, starting with SSC/Senior SSC for three and a half years, Field Training Specialist for 18 months, then on to Product Manager for Xyrem for almost three years. I’ve been in my current role as RSM for the Atlanta region for two years.
As I look at the journey I have taken, the Senior SSC role was pivotal. As a senior SSC, I started to have visibility into the many functions that support the sales force. This combined with the impact and influence that I was starting to have within my region and area made this time both exciting and enriching.
Q:  Who or what has been the most meaningful contributor to your development?
A: My development here at Jazz has been fostered by the corporate culture. No matter what position I have held, I have felt supported and that drives me to want to work. All of my managers have been generous and each of them have gone out of their way to help me develop. They have provided inspiration because they are so good and so driven themselves. I must say that Philip Thrower, Area Business Director has mentored me the most as I have worked with him in two different roles with Jazz.
Q: What role has/have either your manager(s) or any internal staff development programs played in your career growth and development?
A:  During my three-and-a-half year stint as an SSC/Sr. SSC, three others and I (top four on the scoreboard) were selected for a pilot study to help with training. It was a challenging time for Jazz, as management could not keep up with training. Six months in this dual role generated positive results, and my job as Field Training Specialist (FTS) evolved from the study. The transition to FTS full time was a natural fit, and I remained in that role for 18 months.
Q:  Please describe how one or more of Jazz’s Core Values are embodied by your role here.
A:  I think often of “Pursuit of Excellence."In any role that I have, I strive to do the best that I possibly can, always with a larger view toward “How can I do better?"
Q:  What advice would you offer to fellow Jazzicians who are looking to grow in their careers? 
A:  Pursue Excellence…Get curious about YOU, think about what your strengths are. Say them out loud, preferably to your manager and move forward.
Q:  Fill in the blank "My favorite quotation is": ...
A:  "He who knows others is wise but he who knows himself is enlightened." Quote from The Way of LAO-Tzu.
Q:  “Is there anything else you’d like your colleagues to know?
A:  This is the BEST place I have ever worked!