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"Open and honest communication with your manager is key to career progression."

Jane Youdale
Senior Manager, PV Vendor & Alliance Management

Jane Youdale joined EUSA Pharma/Jazz Pharmaceuticals in March 2013 as a Product Safety Associate. 
She then progressed to a manager position. Her current role is Senior Manager, PV Vendor & Alliance Management 
within the Pharmacovigilance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Department, responsible for coordinating the training of vendors 
on Adverse Event and Product Complaint Reporting, maintaining vendor relationships on behalf of PQS, and ensuring
oversight of outsourced operational activities.​

JazzNet recently met with Jane and asked her a few questions:​
Q:  What do you like best about your current job?  Why?
A:  The opportunity to learn and develop. After 7 ½ years working in case management teams, this management role (although still PV focused) represents a great learning and development opportunity for me. I have already learned a lot about vendor management in a short period of time and look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge through self-directed learning, conversations with my manager, and an upcoming external training course.  I continue to interact with multiple functions and departments within Jazz with the added aspect of forming and maintaining new relationships with external vendors. I enjoy having meaningful interactions with colleagues and external vendors, so this role, which allows me to draw on my previous PV experience and develop my relationship management and communication skills, is proving to be a perfect balance.
Q:  What does career development mean to you?  How has your role/position developed since you first joined the company?
A:  For me, it's important that I am constantly learning and have opportunities to expand my knowledge. I have been extremely fortunate to have had a number of fantastic managers during my time at Jazz who have supported my development aspirations and helped me utilize the available resources and opportunities to progress my career. These managers have taught me about managing career development and I have been able to implement some of their guidance when managing direct reports myself. I have never had a defined career path in mind; rather, I have been cognizant of the opportunities available at Jazz and considered how my skills might lend themselves to a role and the development opportunities a given role may provide.
Q:  Who or what has been the most meaningful contributor to your development (i.e.; manager, education, mentor, project…).  How so?
A:  I feel very fortunate to have had some great managers at Jazz. In particular, Katrina Goddard and my current manager Kathy Trimble have provided great support to me and encouraged open and honest communication. Although I no longer report into Katrina, she is still a great source of advice and mentorship for me. Kathy allows me to control my own development, supporting my training requests and being open with her constructive feedback. Kathy has been patient with me as I have developed into my new role and is always willing to explain new concepts and share her knowledge while also encouraging me to work things out for myself. I would also like to mention Wendy Twist (EU & ROW Learning & Development Lead) who has aided my development in a number of ways including providing guidance and feedback on my presentation skills and recommending the most appropriate training courses for me to attend.
Q:  What role has/have either your manager(s) or any internal staff development programs played in your career growth and development?  Can you provide an example?
A:  When the PV Vendor & Alliance Management role was posted I was immediately interested in learning more; but, on reading the job description, I noticed that the role was US based and I was conscious that I did not meet some of the role requirements. Having previously worked closely with the hiring manager, Kathy Trimble, I decided to speak with her to better understand the role and whether I would be a suitable candidate. Kathy was extremely helpful in providing some more background regarding the roles and responsibilities, assuring me that I was a suitable candidate and encouraging me to apply for the role.
Q:  Please describe how one or more of Jazz's Core Values are embodied by your role here.
A:  Collaboration is vital for my role and luckily is something I very much enjoy. I have the opportunity to form new relationships with vendors and strengthen them over time. I also have the opportunity to work with multiple individuals and departments within Jazz and have formed some great relationships and learned a lot from these interactions.
Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as you've grown in your career?  How did you overcome it?
A:  The transition from my previous role into my current role has been a big challenge. As recruitment for my previous position was ongoing, I needed to balance the key responsibilities of that role with those of my new position. This was a real test of my organization and prioritization skills; but, with the support of my manager and the case management team, we made a smooth transition.
Q:  What advice would you offer to fellow Jazzicians who are looking to grow in their careers?
A:  Take control of your development, have open and honest conversations with your manager, and utilize the resources and opportunities offered by Jazz.  Don't limit yourself to a particular role or function; think about how your skill set could benefit other positions and areas of the business in which you would like to develop and learn.  Be curious, ask colleagues about their roles and the roles of others in their department.
Q:  Complete the following sentence:  "My personal mantra is…"
A:  You live and you learn!
Q:  Fill in the blank: "When I am not at work, my favorite pastime is…" 
A:  Health and fitness; in particular, long weekends walking in Devon (a county in southwest England).
Q:  Fill in the blank: "My colleagues would be surprised to know that…"
A:  I just married another Jazzician…….not in my chain of command, though!
Mentor's Corner
JazzNet also caught up with Jane's Mentor, Kathy Trimble, Senior Director, PV Vendor & Alliance Management, Jazz Pharmaceuticals EU-RoW, and asked a few more questions:
Q:  You clearly played a role in Jane's growth at Jazz.  What are the qualities in her that stood out to set her on that path toward career growth? 
A:  Jane has always impressed me with her enthusiasm and commitment when taking on new responsibilities, both those that build upon her existing strengths while stretching her in different ways, as well as those where she needs to develop entirely new skill sets.  She has built a strong reputation by seeking out challenging opportunities and delivering pragmatic and efficient results that best serve Jazz and our patients, all in collaboration with stakeholders across the organization.