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"Have the Courage and Confidence to Learn Something New"

Jodi Goodenough
​​​​​​​Manager, Meeting Services in the US Commercial Team

Jodi Goodenough has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 5 years (3 years at Jazz). Her initial role  here was Executive Assistant to Mike Miller (Executive Vice President, US Commercial).  Yearning to learn something new, she assumed the role of Manager, Meeting Services in the US Commercial Team, where she reported to Patty Hammill, Executive Director, Commercial Services.
With a "fear nothing except to waste the moment" spirit, and a belief she could make a difference every day, she has turned the ordinary into the extraordinary!

JazzNet recently caught up with Jodi and asked her a few questions:
Q:  What do you like best about your current job?  Why?
A:  Meeting Services in Commercial Operations has provided me with the opportunity to work with all three business units (Sleep, Hematology/Oncology, Pain) and Market Access in achieving their goals and objectives and to collaborate with the teams to create meetings that will be impactful, meaningful, filled with knowledge and tools that will ultimately touch our patients.  I enjoy being creative, helping my colleagues, and learning about our products and patients.  I come to work every day feeling so lucky to be doing what I am passionate about, which in part is planning, researching, helping others, executing, adapting to change, and being challenged.
Q:  What does career development mean to you?  How has your role/position developed since you first joined the company?
A:  I believe it is up to me to identify when and how I want to develop my career.  Every day presents a chance to learn something new, to better my skills and to improve performance.  Enlisting my manager, Patty Hammill, and peers for advice is important in helping to sharpen my focus on delivering excellence. 
Q:  Who or what has been the most meaningful contributor to your development (i.e.,  manager, education, mentor, project…)?  How so?
A:  Mike Miller for providing me the opportunity to test and challenge my skills.  His willingness to teach and his patience were invaluable.  He inspired me to figure out tasks on my own and work through projects that at the time seemed impossible.  His guidance has provided me with the thirst to learn and move to heights I had no idea I could achieve.  His transparency, approachability and his passion for our patients and his team is something to be admired.  He is truly a leader in every sense of the word. 
Patty Hammill has also been an inspiration to me.  Every time I sit down with her I learn a wealth of information.  She is incredibly supportive and enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of the business.  She inspires me to look at things through different lenses and approach ideas and issues with a wide view to insure successful outcomes. 
Q:  Please describe how one or more of Jazz's Core Values are embodied by your role here.
A:  It is difficult to pick just one core value.  I believe that all five of the Jazz Core Values embody my role.  If I had to pick one I would say PASSION – I am so lucky that I come to work to do what I love.  I have always believed that you should do what you love and you will always be successful.  My passion for what I do will bring about my Pursuit of Excellence, the excitement for collaboration, the importance of integrity, and the willingness to embrace innovation.
Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as you've grown in your career?  How did you overcome it? 
A:  Having the courage and confidence to learn something new!  I overcame it with experience; sometimes falling short…re-accomplishing until I succeeded. 
Q:  What advice would you offer to fellow Jazzicians who are looking to grow in their careers?
A:  Never be complacent.  Conquer what puts you outside of your comfort zone and be prepared to take on the next challenge.
Q:  Complete the following sentence:  "My personal mantra is…"
A:  Enthusiasm, energy & attitude will make me successful in whatever I do.
Q:  Fill in the blank: "My colleagues would be surprised to know that…" 
A:  I was a stay at home mom for 22 years.  I re-started my professional career 5 years ago.  Thank you Mike Miller for giving me the opportunity.
Q:  Fill in the blank: "When I am not at work, my favorite pastime is…"
A:  Waterskiing/wakeboarding being with my family, paddle boarding, or just hanging out in our boat.
Q:  Fill in the blank: "My favorite quotation is…"
A:  "You have to trust in something -- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.  This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."
– Steve Jobs
"I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand."
– Confucius
Q:  Is there anything else you'd like your colleagues to know?  Anything I haven't asked about that you feel we should include?
A:  I'd like Jazzicians to know I'm "Giddy" about working for Jazz, I believe deeply in Jazz's Core Values, and I love the people/culture.
"Having the Courage and Confidence to Learn Something New" can truly turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, whether it be a different approach to selling (if you're a Field Specialty Sales Consultant), or a different approach to accomplishing a task (be it in the Field, or working Remote / at a Home Office).  Competing against your own potential to make a difference every day is the best way to grow your value and yourself.  Don't just have an idea or a dream, implement it!  Watch and learn, adapt and apply, and "fear nothing except to waste the moment!" 

Mentor's Corner
Jazz​Net also caught up with Jodi's Mentors, Mike Miller and Patty Hammill and asked a few questions:
Q:  You clearly played a role in Jodi Goodenough's growth at Jazz.  What are the qualities in her that stood out to set her on that path toward career growth? 
A (Mike):  It was evident to me that Jodi had a true passion for certain types of projects and a genuine thirst to learn and try new things.  When we talked that through in her development plan – it was pretty clear.  Patty has brought that plan to life for Jodi and allowed her to really fulfill her potential and keep growing.
A (Patty):  Jodi is also not afraid to take chances and truly stretch outside of her comfort zone.  She pushes herself toward excellence and actively learns from those with whom she interacts.
Q:  What advice/insights would you offer to other Jazzicians who want to follow a similar career development path?
A (Mike):  Talk through your interests and professional aspirations in your development plan – it can help identify projects or interests (outside your job description) – with your manager.  We have a CARS (Catch a Rising Star) program in US Commercial that includes matching up folks' development plan to project work.
A (Patty):  Talk to a lot of people to gather additional information and potential areas for learning.  Jodi initiated discussions with me early and often regarding potential projects and opportunities.  Be proactive as you never know what you might uncover.
Q:  What else would you like to tell us about Jodi Goodenough?
A (Mike):  Jodi is an integral team member of the US Commercial Team – she exudes the passion for patients, pursuit of excellence in her work, and has a contagious smile and genuine concern for others.
A (Patty):  Jodi is extremely creative and a highly skilled problem solver.  She strives for excellence in everything she does.  I am extremely lucky that I get to learn from interacting and partnering with Jodi every day.