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“Knowing that the work I do helps Jazz, which, in turn, benefits patients, drives me to do the best work I can.”

Marijana Krizmanic
Associate Director, Investor Relations

Marijana Krizmanic loves seeing Jazz departments work together, while being able to peek behind the curtain of each of them to see the magic in action!
​Marijana is Associate Director, Investor Relations. Prior to joining Jazz, she worked at Health Net, Inc. for six years in two different areas - SEC Reporting and Project Management. Marijana counts herself lucky to be surrounded by talented individuals with whom she gets to work across the Jazz organization. In her role within Investor Relations, she can see all the various Jazz stakeholders harmonize as One Jazz for the purpose of helping patients! It doesn’t get much better than that. Let’s get to know Marijana!!​​​​
What is your role at Jazz? ​ 
I’ve been with Jazz for nearly 11 years. My initial role was SEC Reporting Manager, which involved helping to prepare and file Jazz’s quarterly and annual financial statements with the SEC. Now, as Associate Director, Investor Relations, I am responsible for supporting my team in the communication of timely, accurate and non-biased information between the financial community and Jazz’s management team. I assist in the development of documents that support the release of our financial results as well as investor conferences and calls related to key company milestones such as acquisitions and new product launches. Each quarter, my team and I prepare an earnings press release and develop management’s script for the earnings call along with the supporting presentations that are posted to our website. To accomplish all this, we work closely with key internal stakeholders such as legal, finance, commercial, R&D and senior management. ​
What do you like best about your current job?​ 
My team is amazing. They are fun, highly driven and truly represent the core values of our company. Their extensive knowledge of biotechnology, the healthcare industry and Jazz has allowed me, as a finance person, to grow into my role.
I really enjoy the dynamic and ever changing work environment within Investor Relations. The day seldom follows the path you think it might! Understanding how all the Jazz departments tie together is a key part of my job, which makes it fascinating. I am very fortunate to be able to peek behind the curtain at Jazz. ​
What does career development mean to you? How has your role/position developed since you first joined the company?
Career development for me is challenging yourself to find better ways of doing your job not only to make it more enjoyable for yourself, but also to help your team reach its goals. Being curious about all aspects of the business and working well with other departments also helped me find my current position. ​
Since I began working in this role, it has continued to evolve. We are regularly challenged to provide investors with information regarding new business, finance and R&D developments. I also see career development in terms of looking for the things I do best and looking for areas that I can improve upon. Also, focusing on areas that really interest me has positioned me to progress and develop professionally. I focus on ways technology can help my team both in our day to day work and in terms of creating efficiencies which, in turn, allows us to spend more time developing our skills. ​
Who or what has been the most meaningful contributor to your development? How so?​
There have been several meaningful contributors to my development. In my previous role, Karen Wilson, SVP and Controller, continually encouraged me to expand my responsibilities and therefore my capabilities. She was always available to listen to new ideas and provide feedback. Alan Campion, Executive Director, Finance was my manager, and his unfailing support helped me to be promoted twice.
Kathee Littrell, VP Investor Relations, has a deep knowledge of the company’s products and R&D programs, and has been a key source of learning for me. She is continually expanding her knowledge which has motivated me to do the same. Diane Schrick, Senior Director, Investor Relations, is my current manager and is always positive in any situation. Her extensive background and passion for her work inspires me every day. 
As a Certified Professional Accountant of Canada, my education has also been an important driver in my career development. To maintain my certification, I have continued my education in accounting and finance which was needed in my previous role and is helpful in my current role. ​​
Please describe how one or more of Jazz’s Core Values are embodied by your role here.​
Passion – In the past two years, I have gained a deeper knowledge and respect for our products, for our development efforts and for our management team. My enthusiasm for my job increases as I learn more about the company’s vision and strengths and I am excited about our future milestones. I work with an amazing team, all of whom are very supportive and driven to consistently produce the best possible work product. I share Jazz’s passion for finding medicines that meet unmet medical needs. Knowing that the work I do helps Jazz which, in turn, benefits patients, drives me to do the best work I can. I also believe the collaboration I see between departments is key to our success. Ultimately, we can all be very proud of what we do!​
What has been your biggest challenge as you’ve grown in your career? How did you overcome it?​  
One of the biggest challenges I have felt at Jazz has been the constant change as we continue to grow and improve as an organization. I was here when we were a one-product company and now we have a portfolio of products that benefit patients around the world. We survived some difficult times and have gone on to thrive! Our growth, be it organic or through acquisition, has been a great thing, and I’m very lucky to be a part of it! ​
Complete the following sentence: "​My personal mantra is…"
My personal mantra is ”smile through it all, as things will be better if you do.“ Smiling keeps things fun and helps you make the best first impression!