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Matteo Mazzola
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Matteo Mazzola has worked in t​he pharmaceutical industry since early 2015, when he began working for Gentium S.p.A. in Italy. When Jazz acquired Gentium, Matteo was involved with reporting and planning matters with a focus on R&D and Regulatory. Now in Oxford, Matteo is a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, responsible for financial analysis, planning and strategic input for Germany and our partner markets. One of his mentors and now manager, Darren Fox, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, recently said, “Matteo stands out by putting himself out to be helpful and collaborate. We know that if we ask Matteo a question, he’ll get an answer. Going the extra mile is how Matteo shows how effective he is and what a strong team player he is.”
JazzNet recently caught up with Ma​tteo and asked him a few questions:
Q: How has your role at Jazz evolved?
A: Gentium, of course, was a much smaller entity. When I first joined Jazz, I was involved with financial reporting, and planning activities on a smaller, narrower scale for specific departments. Currently, I manage financial planning for entire markets. I see things on a wider scale. Financial reporting involves lots of deadlines, but I have more flexibility and more autonomy. Now that I am working on a wider scale, it allows me to collaborate more with colleagues throughout the company. Moving from a small entity (Gentium) to a larger entity (Jazz) has been the biggest step in the evolution of my role. I work with Jazzicians in the accounting and planning departments in Dublin, Oxford, Lyon and Palo Alto.
Q: What has been most rewarding about your career with Jazz?
A: Interfacing with many different people at many different levels and in various departments such as commercial staff, medical affairs and marketing has been the most rewarding part of my experience at Jazz.  It's very interesting to be able to interface with colleagues who are not in my scope of work and to learn about how things work in their departments, about their relationships with customers like hospitals and physicians and to observe how collaboration takes place.
Q: Can you describe a pivotal moment in your career at Jazz?
A: A pivotal moment in my career was the integration of Gentium into Jazz. I helped to develop the main contacts between the local teams in Italy and the financial team in Dublin. The opportunity to get exposure with new colleagues at an international level was the greatest. This exposure led to the shifting of my role from Italy to Oxford, working with commercial managers, European entities and colleagues in marketing and medical affairs. It's been a challenge, but a welcomed one! These opportunities have been great for my development both personally and professionally.
Q: Is there one Jazz Core Value that stands out the most to you and if so, what has it meant to your role at the company?
A: "Integrity" is one of my key core values at Jazz. I make sure information I work with is kept confidential. It's very important to me to never lose sight that behind the figures there are people in need, people who are suffering and one of the main goals of Jazz is providing help and relief to those people.
Q: In your current position, have you faced one particular challenge that stands out? How did you meet or handle it?
A: My biggest challenge was not only my job changing and growing, but moving from one country to another. I moved from Italy to Oxford and part-time to Munich to work out of that office. It's been a great challenge from a work perspective, as well as personally. With the help of friends, colleagues, and especially the HR groups in Oxford and in Villa Guardia, and keeping in mind I have greater opportunity with this change, I have been able to make this career transition successful.
Q: What advice would you share with fellow Jazzicians who are looking to grow in their careers?
A: As an expanding company, Jazz offers a lot of opportunities. Keeping your eyes open to find the opportunity can make all the difference in your career.