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"North Star" is her desire to be the best version of herself at work! 

Tamsin Naseem
Associate Director of Medical Affairs, Planning & Operations, Europe & International

Tamsin works in Jazz'​​s office in Oxford, England, where she is Associate Director of Medical Affairs, Planning & Operations, EUR/INT.  Prior to joining Jazz, Tamsin worked at Genzyme Therapeutics, Ltd., as a Hematology/Oncology product manager. Tamsin is in a unique position: she has worked in multiple areas of the pharma industry, including marketing and medical affairs. This gives her a broad insight into the opportunities that lay ahead and how to best capitalize on them.  Let's get to know Tamsin a little better!
What was your initial role at Jazz and what is your current position? 
I joined Jazz seven years ago as the Global Brand Manager for Erwinase®and am now the Associate Director, Medical Affairs Planning & Operations EUR/INT.  An important focus of my current role is to identify ways we can improve systems and work processes specific to Medical Affairs.  Some of the processes I am responsible for include budget planning and overseeing medical education grants.  In addition,  I look after the Investigator Sponsored Trials for Hem/Onc EUR/INT, which involves looking after the budget for these for Europe and International.
Another responsibility is to ensure we leverage existing or new technologies for ISTs, for example, and then use the metrics to improve the process and timelines for ISTs. All of the areas I am responsible for require me to identify and refine their respective work flows. 
What do you like best about your current job?
Some of my strongest skills involve my ability to plan and organize, which is why I particularly enjoy my project management responsibilities.  I am quite good at quickly identifying the key elements of various Medical Affairs systems, which is helpful when collaborating with colleagues on projects across multiple countries. 
What does career development mean to you? 
Career development is essentially focusing on doing the best work I can possibly do.  I have always believed that career opportunities will appear if I keep delivering my best work.  Within my role at Jazz, I wear many hats which help me be more useful to the company.  Having worked in marketing and now medical affairs has helped to round out my skill set.
How has your role/position developed since you first joined the company?  
In my initial role at Jazz, I was responsible for a single product, Erwinase, as a member of the commercial team.  As the Associate Director of Medical Affairs Planning & Operations, my role within Medical Affairs involves working across all products and across EUR/INT in close collaboration with my colleagues.  My experience working on both sides of the fence has really helped me understand the process associated with launching new products.
Who or what has been the most meaningful contributor to your development?    
Kelvin Tan comes to mind as he has played a key role in terms of helping me be more confident professionally. Today, my confidence in my ability allows me to thrive.  I believe in myself in part because Kelvin has always believed in my ability to do any job in front of me.  In particular, Kelvin holds me accountable, which helps me stay focused on the end goal.  Kelvin always encourages me to focus on the solution rather than the problem.    
What role has your manager or any internal staff development program played in your career growth and development?  
The training courses that have been provided onsite in Oxford have been very helpful in terms of my career and professional development.  In particular, the courses on Running Effective Meetings and Influencing Without Authority have helped me.  Continuing to learn new skills and improve the ones I have has been an important part of my career development.  When working with Jazz's country medical directors and MSLs, I have been able to utilize the skills I learned in the Influence Without Authority course.  The success I have enjoyed would not have been possible without our entire team working together.